Marina Beach, Commonly known for both serene and ferocious waves, quietly witnessing the people’s wave…

    I do not know if the Supreme Court or the Government of India will concede to the popular demands of Tamils on Jallikattu, but I am sure there are several takeaways that the younger generation of Tamil Nadu will cherish for lifetime.
    The social protest cuts across political, caste and regional barriers in the minds of the participants. It reinforces the power of common people in a democracy and it also emphasizes the explosive effects of (temporary) groups in collectivism.
    It gives an opportunity for the younger generations to understand the social responsibility in Nation building, Protest shapes policy, may remain mixed but protest definitely creates awareness on the collective challenges of the Nation.
    The biggest takeaways could be the very experience of being a part of mass movement, experience the crowd diversity, crowd management and other challenges of such large crowd.
    Social protest reiterates amongst the citizens that social solidarity is essential to create a better living environment.
    Social Movements has always been a stage for the political actors and Leaders emerge out of social movements. Several leaders in India were also born out of such movements. Let them arise and let them arise for the good of the Nation.
    Victory or a defeat ….should only make people more stronger and help them to know the world better.
    Let the Marina Wave continue and continue until peace….